Canine Shampoo Goat Milk Soap


The star ingredients of this soap are tea tree, lavender, rosemary, and ground oatmeal. It has a wonderful full lather that is sure to get your dog’s coat extra clean!

Not for use on cats or ferrets.

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Under the Health page of is the Freckled Farm Soap Co. products.  This family farm located in Fife, VA in western Goochland county make goats milk soaps, lotions, and detergent.  All natural ingredients and hand crafted, Kevin and Crystal and their 2 children (Bryce and Breckin) use only goat milk from their goats (Nubian).
We have been fortunate over the last 4+ years to have them as one of our most valued providers.
Give the soap a try and it may be the last soap you ever use.  I know personally this is true.  When I tried the Virginia Cedar (still my fav) for 3 months I was not expecting anything more than a great smelling soap.  What I found was a soap that made my skin soft, smooth and moist.  Before my skin was dry, ruff and flaky in places (elbows).  Now I have none of these issues and the only thing different is this soap.  What I was doing for years as many of us do, was use a product that actually dries us out.  I have since tried them all but come back to Virginia Cedar.  Those of you old enough to know this soap reminds me of soap on a rope.
For those of you with new babies the Castile is perfect for that new born baby skin.